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Kids Shoes in Cupboard

These are compilation of projects I worked on as passion projects + projects that made it to market while I was an intern at The ALDO Group in 2018-2019.

As an intern I assisted with; 2D footwear patterns, hardware elements, CADS, specs, sketching. Trend boards and presentations, organization & tracking of prototypes and shipping. Helped develop structures for tracking systems for new developments and prototypes. Also worked on projects and packages when needed.

Worked with Programs: Adobe Illustrator, photoshop, google apps, excel, box drive, PLM.

I have since then returned to working for The ALDO Group as a Junior, then Associate Designer. For privacy and legal caution - please contact me directly for more sample work.



lunar new year

Can not disclose process for legal reasons.

Every year The Aldo Group Celebrates it's APAC customers by developing a capsule project to celebrate Lunar New Year. This year was the year of the rat. To celebrate, the collaboration with Disney focused on ensuring that we add celebratory touches to transitional sneakers to be used all year round. The sneaker on the left was bought for both APAC/ US/ CAN markets, while the sneaker on the right was only bought for APAC. Both sold out quickly in stores. I developed both sneakers from beginning to end during my internship period. 

Check out more images below of both styles! 

Novelty Sneakers!

These are some additional novelty sneakers I also designed during my initial internship! 

garsdale & mavrina



MAVRINA was developed using my original concept - it was applied by the ALDO Design Team after the end of my internship.


Garsdale, Mavriana, & Sweethoney were inspired by patchwork and fun graphic text/  notebook doodles. Check out the process below.





The first footwear project I did in school to learn footwear basics.

Veronica by VOCATE - Sandra Moros Glaser

Sample Work

A very small sample of CADS, line sketches, corrections, and trend boards.

Can show more upon request. 

Sample Work