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Design Forward is an event held by Fashion Takes Action each year to showcase the work of sustainable fashion designers and offers them a platform to share their collections with the public.
Fashion Takes Action collaborated with students from the Bachelor of Industrial Design program of School of Applied Technology, Humber College, to design a trophy for this year's winner.



The inspiration images that the client had given us was a helpful way of understanding where to start within the design process, but more research was critical in understanding how a similar design language could be translated into different forms. Therefore, form exploration, material research, and aesthetic language where initiated.  

concept generation

Based off of the design brief and our inspiration images gathered as a team, concept sketches were developed of possible options for the client. 

Sketches by: Sandra Moros

concept generation

concept(s) selection

After proposing the the initial concept ideations to the client - 3 concepts were chosen. Concept refinements and challenges for each were defined involving materials selection for form, production limitations and solutions, and sourcing. This was done as a team.

concept selection

concept(s) development

The top three concepts that were chosen were furtherly developed in 3D form using solid works and by physical prototyping. 

3D CAD by: Lauren D'Souza

Physical Models by: Sandra Moros, Lauren D'Souza, Catherine Chong

Presentation Layout: Catherine Chong

concept development

final product

Once the 3 concepts were refined - one concept was chosen. Over the course of 3 weeks the final prototype was developed through with build using Humber College's Industrial Design Shop - and Laser cutting machine. 

Final Prototype built by: Lauren D'Souza, Sandra Moros

Final Presentation: Lauren D'Souza

final product
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